This is a great practice. Professional, smart, and caring staff. This was our first visit after moving away from an integrative vet, whom we loved. I’m so glad we found Dr. Cook because she takes the time to customize an approach to maintaining your dog’s health. This is not a cookie cutter practice. I found her to be knowledgeable and easy to talk to. My dog loved everyone there and their treats!


March 2018

this is what we were looking for and had failed to find with another highly regarded vet. We wanted to be heard and respected, and work collaboratively as a team with what we knew about our cat's personality, history, and preferences, our own abilities, and what a vet practice knows about cat health. He passed a couple weeks ago in the way he preferred, and WAS NOT IN HORRIBLE PAIN for the last month or so of his life, which was not the case with the previous vet.


Feb. 2018

I am not a pet person, but my daughter is, and she dearly loves her guinea pigs. Recently we brought her in with her first and beloved guinea pig. Chewie. You treated him and a week later we brought him back and you helped my daughter say goodbye to him. After the nurse took him out of the room to put him to sleep, all i could think was that I hoped she would bring him back in the box with the lid closed. And then she brought him back lovingly wrapped and adorned along with his paw print in clay. The way in which you treated my daughter (and of course, the guinea pig) was so graceful and lovely. Like I said, while I am not a pet person, but I am a parent and it was painful to watch my daughter in such agony and grief. I was so grateful everything you all did- you reassured her that she made the right choice, you never made it seem like it was her fault, you honored her deep feelings for her beloved pet, and you treated him with such respect at the end. Today we received the kind card from your staff. I just wanted to express our gratitude for you and all your staff. Thank you.


June 2017

Excellent experience! Glad you're in Crozet!


May 2017

I really like it hear, the staff is awesome!


May 2017

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