Transitioning Feline Dry Food Addicts to Canned Food:

The negative issues associated with dry food are:

  1. Type of protein – too high in plant based versus animal based proteins.

  2. Carbohydrate load is too high

  3. Water content is too low

Why Cats Prefer Dry Food

  • Manufacturers coat kibble in extremely enticing “animal digest,” which makes a low quality food more appealing to your cat. Cats will over eat for the same reasons people over eat junk food.

  • Cats often do not adjust well to change. If a cat’s food has always had a crunchy texture, then she may be resistant to the new texture of canned.

Tips for Transitioning

  • Do not transition your cat when he is ill. This will prevent him from associating the canned food with feeling sick and developing a food aversion.

  • If your cat is having urinary problems, it’s best to get more water into his diet as soon as possible. Try slowly adding liquid to his dry food before switching to canned. Enticing flavored waters such as tuna water, beef or chicken broth, clam juice or lactose-free milk may help with the change. 

  • If your cat is diabetic, consult your veterinarian before transitioning to canned food.

  • Slowly, perhaps very slowly, mix canned food with the dry food. Gradually add more canned every day and decrease the dry. For our most finicky cats, this process can take up to several painstaking weeks.

  • Establish set meal times. Cats do not need to graze all day long. It is ok for your cat to get hungry enough to be convinced that the new, healthier food is best. The average cat should eat 4 to 6 ounces of canned food per day split between 2 to 3 meals.


  • Your cat may experience softer stool during the shift from canned to dry. If diarrhea develops, do not give up on canned food. First, consult your veterinarian and start a conversation regarding different brands of food that may sit better with your cat.

  • It is normal for a cat to lose a little weight during this period of transition. However, it is imperative your cat does not lose more than 1% of her body weight. Keep a close watch on your cat’s weight during the changeover process.

  • Do not withhold food for longer than 24 hours in attempt to get your cat to try canned food. This can be dangerous to your cat’s health, especially if he or she is overweight.

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